¡OCCUPY LA EVICTION ATTEMPT! Posted on 29 Nov 08:42

So seeing as we where in NY on the first day of the Occupy Wall St. movement, we felt compelled to go document the eviction process of Occupy LA. It's pretty amazing what's transpired since that first day in Bowling Green. Honestly, it didn't seem like there was going to be much support after September 17 considering the minimal crowd that had amassed in support of the movement on that day, but it's now become an international phenomenum. It's hard to declare whether we support it or not, since there is no single stance the movement has taken. But none the less there is a significant awakening occuring in our world, and the Occupy movement signifcantly reinforces that notion. If there is one thing we stand for it is that awakening, the awakening to TRUTH! MAY THE PEOPLE BE WITH THE PEOPLE! YOU ARE NOW AWAKE. The crowd was think when we arrived! The funny part is that the LAPD building is literally across the street from the movement. Everyone started taking over the street. It's amazing how many peeps came to support once it was announced the city was attempting to evict. At midnight they started to form barricades. They was strapped and prepared! Then the squads started rushing in, we didn't know what to expect. ...and the troops began amassing from both sides. This was the point at which the LAPD began barricading all the protesters and every1 else within a 2 block radius with no way to get out. We decided it was a good time to leave, we still had work in the morning. but after all was said and done the Occupiers prevailed with no violence and no eviction. It'll be interesting to see what happens next. A significant precedent was set; although we all can't occupy, if the movement is challenged the support will be there to oppose any force trying to thwart it. In the end these occupiers may simply become the "spokes people" for the working class, the opposition to the corporations. The reality is that corporations have been legally given the title of a "person," but people are human, and humans have emotions, and if you dont have emotion you're neither human nor person. Corporations and people should not be treated the same! This is the point we've taken away from this movement, and it's a good one. So keep it peaceful, keep it moving, occupy everything...the world is already yours! STAY UP, PEACE!

documented by @deathburka