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Hi I AM DEATH BURKA... one day I'll learn how to fly. To add substance to our blog it's been decided that I will contribute some kind of writing, most likely centered around a philosophy or idea, but rather than giving it boundries we feel it's better that I just deliver whatever comes naturally because force ultimately negates creativity. These posts will be less subjective, tho I may use personal experience to add to the depth of the conversation, this is not to be about me. Frenemy and I dont really give a fuck about me. This is not about me this about all. So the objective of these posts is not tell some sob or awesome subjective story of my life, rather we want to explore universal ideas, we want to center these posts around infinite cognition. And subjectivity will only be used to more clearly illustrate whatever it is we are trying to get across. I have developed the habit of speaking more in terms of 'we' than 'I' because although I am the one transmitting these writings, the actual substance comes from all the influences, experiences, and people in my life of which I am nothing. And neither is FR3N3MY and in reality without any1 else there is no YOU! So that brings us to the actual discussion. People may wonder why I have decide to keep my physical identity to a minimal. Well that is a philosophy that has taken this entire life so far to develop but it mostly is about removing my ego out of FR3N3MY. I have always wanted a brand since I can remember, 7 years old is my earliest memory of that but I never have ever really wanted to be famous myself. I've always felt that if I am to be recognized for anything I want it to be for my work and NOT for my physical being. Fuck that, so although most brands have a face, this one will not so that brings us to the real idea of the post... Celebrity is such an interesting phonenoum of this existence. The human nature to IDOLIZE. We are all subjected to it, it's desire and desire is the essence of our being, but it is how we direct our desires and attach or detach from desires that determines who we are. FAME seems like the ultimate experience, everyone knows you, everyone wants to give you money, everyone wants to be around you, everyone wants to be YOU! How amazing, how reassuring, how flattering; it breeds high self esteem. Who doesn't want that??? Who wants to be insecure??? Yet what we fail to realize looking from the outside in, is that as amazing as all those things are, they do not relieve anyone of insecurity. In fact the reality is that fame seems to perpetuate insecurity in the majority of cases. If there is any1 thing to get out of reality tv, it is that notion! This is what we are not taught about fame, about success. We are not taught that in attaining all those things we desire there must be an offset, a counter, a balance. That's how the universe works. But what does that mean??? Life is a journey of learning to balance the highs and the lows. Success and fame are highs, huge highs, they make us feel high, on top of the world, like we're super human, demigods. And on a certain level we are, but only if we learn to balance that high. Tho externally everything is on a high, money, attention, possessions, internally we can not let our egos match that high. But that's the hardest part!!! How when things are the best they've ever been in our lives are we to tune down the feeling we have inside, all those thoughts of grandioseness??? How does that make sense, our physical reality is dripping in grandioseness, so then naturally it makes sense that our minds should be matching that. BUT THAT'S THE TRAP, THAT'S THE INEVITABLITY OF YOUR FUTURE DOWNFALL! That downfall that's gonna match the level of height you've attained, like the economic collapse of 2008! How great were things in the late 90's early 2000's?? Markets were booming, real estate was thru the roof, and then we all had to experience the opposite of that, the inevtiable downfall. Because that's how this all works. Everything in the universe must be balanced. For every high, there must be a low unless you learn to be perfectly in between, PERFECTLY BALANCED! If you dont swing into extreme highs you can never experience extreme lows, and vice verse. But of course that takes a long time to learn thru experience. This I have personally experienced. No I am not famous, and never want to be but I have experienced success and continue to do so. What that is, is not relevant. I'm not concerned with people getting caught up in my successes, I care not to be a celebrity, rather I care about your successes, because if you're successful we are all successful. The point of bringing me up at all is to realistically bring this around full circle. Yes I've had success, in different things and on different levels, but what I've learned is that everytime I experience major feats, overcome difficult obstacles, and make it to the peak of what I've been trying to attain, it's been short lived because I get so caught up in the moment I allow it to become bigger than the actual reality. My mind inflates it's significance, the ego believes it's reached a destination, only to find that around the corner is another long arduous journey. And then once I've reached that destination, there's another one and another one and another one! It never stops, no matter how successful I become or anyone becomes for that matter, in order to continue to succeed we must continue to work hard, put in time, get better, overcome obstacles, and deal with bullshit. So the key is not to get caught up in the success, rather the process that it takes to reach success should be something that becomes you. Then when you reach your goals, attain success, it's not some over-glorified moment in your life, it's just part of the process. It's the happy part of the end, but just the beginning of the next long arduous journey. If you workout hard and consistently you get muscles (this is a really lame example but very easy to understand, for the physical is the best way to illustrate the mental), finally you might reach a point where you realize, "damn I'm a buff ass shredded ass mother fucker." But if u stop working out it all slowly starts to revert, to do the opposite. The point here is not the muscles, I'm not here to get caught up in the cosmetics, this is a layman example. The point is that if you continue to workout u keep the muscles, and the working out isn't as difficult as it was when u first started. But it's still difficult, u still put up with the bull of  lifting more weight, putting in time, and feeling a little pain. Yet the success, "the muscles," maintain themselves maybe even get bigger, and overtime the work that it takes to maintain your success, aka your muscles, becomes easier. It takes less effort because you continue to put yourself through it (naturally this is how everything works, everything u consistently do gets easier with time) but the result, the success, "the muscles," continue to remain and even grow! Ofcourse the guy with the ego that thinks he's reached his destination when he's gotten his muscles and stops working out and gets all prideful, and allows his ego to separate himself from the reality, begins to lose his muscles, he gets man boobs, and that huge high has turned into a huge low, and now he must start all over again and it's gonna be hard. Way harder than if he never let the external get to his internal, and balanced his ego with his success. That's called getting ahead of yourself, the Charlie Sheen's of the world. So what's the message here, well it's one I've had to learn the hard way but one I've started to become more and more in tune with: YOU MUST MATCH YOUR LEVEL OF SUCCESS WITH THE OPPOSITE AMOUNT OF EGO. Success and ego, I am theorizing thru my own experiences and observations, are inversely related. Less success might require more ego, the ego establishes the motivation and faith needed to keep doing the work in the midst of all the haters and naysayers that try to curtail you from meeting your goals BUT... as you begin to meet those goals and attain success you can no longer allow your ego to be the centrifuge of your success. You have to dissolve the ego and realize that it was your faith in yourself and your abilities, your motivation to do the work, and your ability to transcend the hate that manifested the success you always knew was possible. For if you dont, your gonna be that bitch ass old man on muscle beach struggling to hit 135 on the bench press while everyone is laughing in their heads about your MAN BOOBIES!


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