Hmmm, well this really could be about anything so sometimes it's difficult to come up with an idea that can be conveyed easily but still holds value. I'm not a writer and I hate reading but I do both, so forcing myself to do this pertains to the subject at hand which is CONSISTENCY! Consistency is the one element that is essential in developing all three aspects of what is to be human; physical, mental, spiritual. The only way for us to efficiently manipulate our subconscious and conscious habits is through consistency, but it is the conscious consistencies that we employ that facilitate the function of those subconscious consistencies. Uhhh...what does that even mean tho!!!? Here's a fact about human behavior/activity, 95% of all of our actions are subconscious which leaves only 5% for all conscious behavior. Subconscious action would be the things we do automatically without thinking about it, things like digestion, emotions, chewing, driving a car, smiling, and anything else we CONSISTENTLY do all the time. ANYTHING we consistently do, in time, becomes a subconscious activity or behavior. So all those things we've been doing as a little kid without thought, have become a subconscious behavior in our adolescent/adult life. Most people that pick their nose and eat it as adults (something I see driving in LA a lot) is usually a behavior they developed as a youth, but never stopped doing and as time went on it just became something they did without thinking about it, it became a subconscious behavior. The way most stop eating their buggers is by CONSCIOUSLY  becoming aware of it. They realize it's gross or that other people think it's gross and it probably wont serve them very well socially, so they make that 5% conscious decision to stop doing it and maybe they eat a bugger here and there but in time it becomes one of those 95% subconscious behaviors to not eat what's been picked. You may still pick your nose, most of us do, but by employing our conscious we've stopped making a meal out of it. So what's the point!!? Obviously dont pick your nose and eat it because that's gross, but that's not the real point. The real point is that the only way to change our behavior/habits/activities is to CONSCIOUSLY make the decision to do so, but you must also be CONSISTENT or the effects will be shortlived. And this is where consistency makes the biggest difference. See conscious activities can only become subconscious automatic habits/behaviors/reactions/cognitive processes, when employed consistently for a certain amount of time. Of course the amount of time is relative, but the consistency aspect seems to be a universal constant, at least in our physical existence. Anything that we want to be great at needs to ultimately become subconscious, you do it automatically without thinking about it. Though, consistently employing the conscious is obviously necessary to continually evolve whatever it is you are trying to be great at, even after it becomes subconscious or maybe better referred to as "2nd nature." That's a lot to think about, so here's a brief example. Take skateboarding for instance. This is an activity that takes a conscious decision to even start, but as you consistently skateboard more and more often, you become subconsciously driven. You develop an urge to go skate, that's subconscious. If you fall in love with skateboarding  you can't fight that urge, it becomes automatic. You learn how to ollie by consistently attempting it, you learn it, and overtime you're ollying up curbs and over cracks and small gaps without even thinking twice; it's become automatic, SUBCONSCIOUS! But ollieing no longer satisfies the "urge' anymore, you need more tricks. So you think about it, what to learn next... maybe kickflip. So now you're employing your conscious again, your consciously deciding to learn a new trick. But that tricks hard at first, it's not automatic, but by consistently trying you learn the proper timing and technique and you've learned kickflips. And the process starts all over again, u keep doing kickflips, they become automatic and now ur kickfliping up, down, and over stuff without even thinking about it. Consistency is how humans attain the heights of anything. It's how we program our minds and bodies to function as we want. If we remain unconscious of it others program our conscious through consistency. Commercials are consistent repetitions of the same imagery designed to subconsciously draw in on your desires. See the problem is this is how things work regardless of whether we decide to be conscious of it or not. That's what a bad habit is, consistently doing that something until it becomes automatic, and just like with skateboarding, the urge becomes automatic, ofcourse if the urge is to do something negative it's going to take quite a lot of conscious employment to reverse that subconscious habit. Consistency has been an essential part of our own progression and success. We never stopped doing FR3N3MY. We started in 2006 doing graphics that now looking back were toy as fuck. We graduated college, started other buisnesses, but never stopped doing FR3N3MY. We never stopped drawing, designing, concepting. We never let go of what we started. We remained consistent in our determination to one day have all we had worked on come to fruition despite all else taking priority in our lives. FR3N3MY has become a subconscious creation that cannot be stopped because it is what we do automatically without even thinking about it. There is no failing at that which you are consistent because that which you are consistent is already part of your being.