¡THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SWASTIKA! Posted on 10 Aug 03:56

When you look at the photo below what comes to mind? If it's anything negative you're misperceived! This man represents the Red Swastika Society ??????, a voluntary association founded in China in 1922, who's mission was broadly based in philanthropy and moral education. They were not NAZIS! What most don't know is that there are two kinds of swastikas which are broken down below. Most believe "Swastika" is a German/Nazi term which it is not! In fact it is a sanskrit term derived thousands of years ago. The Hakencruze (the Nazi term for their swastika) was stolen from Buddhists and other peaceful cultures. Although some may refer to a hakencruze as a swastika, a swastika is NOT a hakencruze! Swastikas have been used for thousands of years to represent many cultures and religions in a positive manner. Here's a breakdown of different swastikas used throughout history. As you can see a multitude of cultures and religions have at one point used the swastika to represent themselves. The true meaning of a swastika is not death, hatred, and intolerance. It's real meaning is light, love, life, good luck, peace, balance, and universal harmony! In places like Asia the swastika is widely used on Buddhist temples and Buddhas themselves. The last thing they use the swastika for is to project anything negative. Even in western culture swastikas are subliminally used as logos! But we don't use it subliminally, we use it truthfully to represent it's original meaning and spread positivity and education. Some may consider our idea a bit radical, but that's only when it's being misperceived. The truth of the matter is we are here to be creative and do something different, we want to encourage the best of all people. We're sick and tired of the hate, the separation, the intolerance, the demotivation, and the negative direction we feel we're taking as a people. We are here to motivate and re-inspire, make rad shit and create even radder vibes. So this is why we use the swastika because it's original meaning represents us! ????????