!SHIVA MANJI T-SHIRT! Posted on 29 Aug 21:03

We want to provide a little background on some of our graphics. Yes they are just t-shirt graphics, but there is depth to what we've designed. The first t-shirt we want to discuss is the FR3N3MY Shiva Manji T-shirt.

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What we've done is taken our custom designed swastika and masked an image of Shiva sitting in a meditative state within the swastika. The origin of our swastika or as the Japanese call it, "MANJI" is Hindu & Buddhist. Shiva is a Hindu god, he is the destroyer within the Hindu Trinity (Brahma: The Creator, Vishnu: The Preserver, & Shiva: The Destroyer).

Shiva is a very complex God and has 1008 names which describe his attributes. He wears the crecent moon on his forehead, from which flow the celestial river Ganga! The river represents the ceaseless flux of time and is the embodiment of the nurturing life force. His body is smeared with ash, & he wears a tiger skin girt around his loins. He carries a trident & an axe and in our graphic his hands are set in classical mudras, granting boons and REMOVING FEAR! Shiva also has three eyes, through which he can view the past, present, & future. The 3rd eye, that of higher perception, looks inward.

Now why start with Shiva and not Brahma or Vishnu? Well we chose "The Destroyer" not because we're promoting destruction, but because Shiva is also (and this is a contradiction but that's what gods are) the god of life and death, of destruction and rebirth. So Shiva's very essence is in line with what we are trying to achieve: destroy the misperception that swastikas are evil and solely a Nazi symbol (which they are not) and rebirth the swastikas true history and meaning of peace and good luck! So as you can see, Shiva's destructive nature is simply a means of recreation; of demolishing the lies, misinformation, and negativity to lay a clean slate for the universe to bring back truth and positivity.

In addition we've added the sanskrit word for "ENLIGHTENMENT" at the top right and bottom left of the manji. Shiva is an enlightened soul, and we strive to be an example of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment for all people and all the world to learn from and benefit from. There is much more that can be said about Shiva, but we'll keep it short and sweet. Hopefully you got a little out of this, and remember, tho Shiva may be considered "Hindu" the reality is all of our designs are intended to be UNIVERSAL despite their specifics. So get some FR3N3MY and start ENLIGHTENING THE WORLD!