WHO LIKES FREE SHIT!? Well as promised we're giving all our twitter followers an opportunity to win some free fr3n3my gear! We made these rad ass 33rd tye #DIEs but unfortunately we're not able to put them up on the site because of a very slight misprint. If you can't tell then that's great because these babies were not easy or cheap to produce and are in desperate need of being repped to the fullest! And they come with all the trims so you know it's official! So here's how the competition is going to go down: 1. You have to have a twitter account and you have to be following us (@FRENEMYCLOTHING) 2. at 3.33 pm (Pacific time) Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 we are going to tweet "IT'S TIME 2 #DIE!" (we will not tweet this exact phrase between now and then so there should be no confusion) 3. after that tweet, in order to win, you must @ MENTION the phrase below to five of your followers, AND THAT'S FIVE SEPARATE TIMES! (even if u mention 2 followers in the same tweet it will only count as 1) ? COPY & PASTE THIS PHRASE ? @FRENEMYCLOTHING I'M READY 2 #DIE! (Destroy Ignorance Everywhere!) FRENEMYCLOTHING.COM ? IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS ? ?? so in the end it should look like this above! ?? 4. The 1st five our followers to complete all 5 mentions will win a free tye #DIE plus shipping to anywhere in the ENTIRE WORLD! note: Tweets that come before we tweet our phrase at 3:33, "IT'S TIME 2 #DIE," WILL NOT COUNT! So GET PREPARED 2 #DIE Y'ALL! This is your opportunity to get the most exclusive tye #DIE in existence!!! This wont be the last competition but getting a tye dye for free maybe a very very rare occasion, SO DONT MISS OUT! If this is at all confusing you can tweet us any questions you may have. You got til next Weds, so start getting prepared. SECRET TECHINQUE FOR THE COMP: The best technique will be to have all your mentions saved as drafts so that when we tweet our phrase at 3:33 you'll already have your mentions ready for quick execution! Note: All winners will be announced on the website that evening with twitter names for potential follows, and obviously get a follow from us if you don't already have one!