¡DEATH BURKA: QUANTUM CREATIVITY 1! Posted on 29 Apr 15:51

So I've definitely neglected the writing portion of this blog for little bit, mostly because of time but partly due to the fact that my past attempts at this have had an essay like structure to them. In college, for the most part, your asked to do a lot of essays and what I've recognized is that when I start to write I've been conditioned to execute in an essay-like fashion. But this aint college, this is strictly a creative practice. After studying some quantum physics it dawned on me that instead trying to follow the linear, continuous, rational and logical format of an essay (which I was subconsciously doing), I should just write, and even insert pictures and other visual media, as it comes. Just let it flow; continuity, logic and rationale shall not be a requirement, and really jus try to tap the source of nonlocal consciousness where true creativity comes from. So that's what I'll do in these "Quantum Creativity" posts. I'm jus going to write sentences and paragraphs that have nothing to do with each other or everything, no rules just "flow with the go." So here it goes, Quantum Creativity 1... I just finished meditating. I had to put on headphones and listen to chants today to drown out the cries coming from the other room from our new puppy. I defs learned some good training techniques from those dog whisperer shows tho. Reinforce positive behavior and dont pay attention to the negative behavior. Don't pay attention to the pup if she cries because then she'll realize she can get your attention when she does. Rather wait for gaps or periods of time when she's not crying and then give her a treat to reinforce the good behavior. After consistently not OBSERVING the bad behavior and only reinforcing the good behavior she will get the picture. It actually worked today too, I reinforced the no crying 3 times before I went into meditation and realized when I was done that I didn't even need the headphones, she didn't start crying til I was basically finished (a good 35-40 minutes). Then i tried to remote view and just pet her as if I was right there. It hasn't worked entirely yet but I'm trying, quantum physics says its possible. I know it is. Quantum Physics says that physical reality is comprised of that which we observe. The existence of anything is dependent on it's being observed; aka no observer no existence. In meditation I had this thought, how the same principles the dog whisperer uses (reinforce positive behavior, ignore negative behavior) holds true to humans. And how quantum theory backs that up. From there I thought about the Boston bombers and how the media has created a week long bio about these individuals complete lives. Here is where what we choose to observe directly influences future outcomes. The argument I've been hearing is that by giving these guys so much media coverage glorifies them and makes an appeal to any1 else who would attempt such tragic tactics to gain attention. It's like the crying puppy in the cage, instead of ignoring her when she cries u pay attention to her and then she realizes she can get your attention anytime she cries. It's the same principle with these terrorists, they do horrendous shit and then we give them massive attention, OBSERVATION. So am I saying ignore what they do, DEFINITELY NOT, but completely ignore who they are as far as national media is concerned. Honestly Americans could not give 1 fuck about some dumb shit terrorist hell bent on fucking us up after the fact. All we care is that they get what's coming to them but other than that we dont need to know anything more about them than the distinctive signs they begin to show before they commit such an act. And not they're whole life, like the immediate sign right before the commit the crime, the just leaving a bag in a public place and walking away. That should be the main focus, if you some1 just leave a bag in a public place you call the mother fucker out, tackle his ass and get away from the fucking bag. Reinforce public situational awareness and not fear. The other thing that would divert such terrorists is if after such events the media only glorified and gave coverage to the victims. Everyday is a biography on the ones that suffered, their lives, their achievements, the direction their lives were going. That would be way more interesting. We focus on and choose to observe only the positive behavior, and give little to no coverage about the actual terrorists and their whole life stories. I believe overtime terrorists would naturally recognize they can do horrible shit and get in trouble for it, but they'll never get the kind of attention they thought they could achieve. Without the attention what's to gain? I'm listening to french music, I dont know it feels smooth. Dude graphics take so fucking long to do sometimes especially if your trying to do them in Illustrator. And then you spend like hours and hours and your like, "ahhh, this idea is shitty." FUCK I've been having this thought that it's not about creating meaning in your life. No, it's about coming into alignment with the intended meaning for your life. Like there is a destiny if you choose to discover it, accept it, and align with it. But you also have the freedom of choice not to. So destiny and freedom of choice simultaneously exist. A teacher once asked that to us in high school, "does destiny exist or freedom of choice?" I raised my hand and said both, to which he said that's a contradiction, and tho I didn't understand how to explain then I think I do now. Fuck it's been over the time limit I set for this...gotta go PEACE!