¡DEATH BURKA: QUANTUM CREATIVITY 2! Posted on 02 May 22:21

This writing thing is weird man. I've felt in the past that it should be objective as possible and try to stay away from the subjective but what I'm starting to see is that even the objective holds no value if can't be expressed from a subjective point of view. The problem is that often the human tendency is to get caught up in the subjective aspect of what a person is saying or doing rather using it as an example to relate to an overall experience. It's like the pieces get seen but not the whole picture. But I think that's part of what life is about the whole process of going into our subjective experiences than coming back out to relate it to the whole. The back and forth is the recalibration required for us to evolve in our lives.I've gained A LOT from listening to podcasts especially the Joe Rogan Experience. As an individual, Joe resonates with me because he's a creative and he trains jiu jitsu and MMA. So initially what drew me to the podcast was this subjective correlation but he creates a very objective censor free environment that exposes the viewer to all these subjects and experiences one might think they'd never be interested in, or may not even be aware exist, but are so captivating when being discussed on the podcast. It's obviously a conditioned belief to have an opinion of what a comic, or an author or a scientist is like, but when you actually start hearing them just have a high quality discussion, no boundries, it's amazing what you learn. By listening to their subjective life experiences you discover parallels about yourself with these other people you thought you'd have nothing in common with. Or you gain valuable pieces of information that they've learned through what they do but are universally applicable to just about anything or at least a multitude of things, not just what they do. The whole point being that you find their subjective experience tends to have a lot of relativity to the whole.I use to think that if I discussed myself and my experience people might get caught up in the formula that works for me. That's called dogma or religion or not the truth. It's truth for me but for anyone else their combination of experiences, motivations, and sufferings that complete them are going to be totally different. But what I can say is that hearing other people's stories there tends to be objective ideas they've arrived at from their subjective experience. It's had a lot of benefit to me and my growth. I feel as humans we have a lot more in common than we think. So maybe I will put some of my personal experiences out there. It may resonate with some and after all, indigos should know there's others out there like themselves. But it's important to try to see the big picture the whole message and not get caught up on too many of the specifics. That's where things get sticky because you dont want to follow someone's specifics, you want discover what yours are for yourself.It's crazy how even when I'm reading back in my head others peoples voices can throw me off. -___- I think you have to try a lot of shit growing up but unless your parents are mad up to date on the latest shit (which is few and far between), there's not a lot of outlets for exposure to new ideas or activities or hobbies. There is the internet now which is amazing but the interesting stuff still tends to get drowned out by the mainstream. There is so much fucking shit to know, to experience, to try tho it's literally infinite. No one could in a life time try and learn and do everything there is to do, but it feels like growing up there's only like a handful of things to do. Like 10 or 20 if your a good thinker. But that's absurd and for some reason, I might be wrong, but I think that's kind of normal. But we're in interesting times, there's a lot you can be instantly exposed to through the internet if you just hear about it first or just come across it randomly. There's also a lot of dark shit on the internet too, but that's called the balance.Anyway, I feel like there's a legit universal system in which anyone can come into finding what makes them tick and coming into that. I dont know what it is yet, I'm still too young to have any legit understanding of life and shit. But I am old enough to start to see it happening. The patterns the cycles the momentum I feel like I'm starting to see how it all works but only because I've exposed myself to a lot of other's perspectives, opinions, and experiences, as well as having had them myself. Reflection is key. You need to look back, assess the situation, choose what works, remove what doesn't, and then look forward into the future at what you want and start implementing and refining what works and realize this shit takes a life time so no worries.This wasn't planned, it just all came. One more thing, your creativity isn't any greater than anyone else's, it's all coming from the same place....something I've got to remind myself constantly.