¡DEATH BURKA: QUANTUM CREATIVITY 3! Posted on 10 May 17:30

We love people that think that their lack of knowledge some how permits them to have some kind of a more superior understanding of the world than us that are amoung other things, academics. Please, you have no idea how ridiculous it is to give your negative opionion to someone who, 1. didnt fucking ask for it, 2. you dont even fucking know!!! Like what is that about people that makes them actually believe they can force feed people they have never met in their lives let alone contributed to in any positive way, their shitty ass negative OPINIONS about shit they dont understand. How arrogant is that?? "Hi I've never met you  before but I'm going to tell why you should live this way. I've never contributed to your life, had conversation, or tried to exchange views about the way things are, yet I'm arrogant enough to believe that me IMPOSING MY OPINION upon you right now is going to inspire some grand shift in your life and by implementing my negative advice you'll be better off." WHAT THE FUCK? If there is anything I cannot stand more it is this, people that think they can tell us how to think about the swastika. Isn't that what Hitler did, impose his opinion and views upon others? Oh but that's your whole basis for saying what your saying. It's the most backward, hypocritical, non-academic, arrogant, self absorbed action in the fucking world to give your negative OPINION to others u dont know regarding any component of their life, especially their creative component. Wasn't it Ben Harper who said, "if you dont like my fire then dont come around cuz Im gonna burn one down." Ya well we do smoke a grip of weed but this is our philosophy for damn near everything we do in life. We're risk takers on the side of truth and we're going to do what we want, when we want, how we want and if it's not hurting anyone else there is nothing anyone is going to do about it. And anyone who thinks they are, ha, good luck. We train willpower physically, mentally, & spiritually! If you dont understand what we're doing, if you're not interested in history, creativity, and spirituality then just back up cause we're not the ones to bullshit with. We're not fucking idiots, we know exactly what we're doing and how things are perceived. This isn't a matter of holding onto the past, this is engineering the future, a future based on TRUTH! And the recognition between truth and opinion/belief, because 'THERE IS NO RELIGION/BELIEF/OPINION HIGHER THAN TRUTH!" And if you don't study the TRUTH then you need to just sit the fuck back down. Excuse me if I'm coming off aggressive but I'm just keeping it 1000!We went in deep last night breaking down the universe last night. It's crazy because we're all creating this collectively but we realized that if you can keep people from knowing that, you can essentially engineer their beliefs about how things are and manipulate them into collectively creating whatever your agenda is. This came about because of the question of "why would anyone want to keep people from the truth and keep their minds closed?" The answer to that is very easy, if you have an agenda and you know the secret to this existence is that we collectively create it, then the only way for other's agendas to not get in the way of yours is to keep them closed off from the truth which is keeping their minds closed because you cannot control an open mind. That last part is very very very important, "YOU CANNOT CONTROL AN OPEN MIND."  So essentially that's what the tyrannical religions have done to this world is closed off peoples minds. When you ask no questions you believe all lies.Our education system is kind of like a mechanism to close off our minds. I'm a huge proponent of education and we do learn very necessary knowledge in school but as you grow older you begin to recognize (if you're not full blown brainwashed) that what we're being taught is only a micro fraction of what there is to be known and explored. So school opens you up but being fed only half truths and completely omitting others, in turn creates a half painted picture of the world that we consider to be the whole. So in that sense it closes off the mind to the vast possibilities, interests, ideas, and knowledge that actually exists. It is of the highest importance that you learn because the only way to break conditioned beliefs is through actual knowledge. Conditioned beliefs are what ground and attach you to the physical reality and limit your ability to see any other possibilities. But physical reality, the stuff we create , everything really, all starts in the mind first. The device you're using to read this post first existed as a thought, a manifestation of the mind, and then someone did what was required physically to manifest it into material reality. This the kind of shit we're not really taught in school. The point being, according to quantum physics, that that place in your mind responsible for coming up with things that dont exist physically yet, is not apart of the physical/material realm. So in order to access it, there must be a level of detachment from our ordinary waking state. But it's those conditioned beliefs that attach us and ground us to the physical reality, or ordinary waking state, nullifying our ability to access that highly creative side of the mind where everything exists, even that which has not been physically manifested yet. The more attached to what exists in the physical, the less you can imagine possibilities of things that do not exist yet. Unconscious processing plars, for the creatives out there (which technically is what we all are) this is very important. Learn it, Live it, Use it!EGO IS ALL CONDITIONED BELIEFS! You must experience states of consciousness that are detached from the ego if you want to evolve in this lifetime. Collectively all those subjective experiences detached from ego are what evolve humanity as a whole. That's why we're big proponents of psychedelics and marijuana. They create shifts in consciousness that momentarily detach you from your subjective ego reality and allow you to see more of the whole objective picture. They give you reflections of the person that you are that resonate so deeply within it's impossible to deny them be it negative or positive. I feel that's why certain people dont jive with these mind altering substances because they dont like to take an honest look at who they are and/or how things are. Sometimes you're aware of yourself, positives and negatives, but when you take these substances they reveal truths about reality you may have never considered. Sometimes these truths in and of themselves are enough to turn people off from the experience. Either way, when used properly, these mind altering substances are great tools for expanding consciousness, for opening your mind to other perspectives and ways to view the world. For the truth seekers they are the ultimate life enhancer when used in a balanced well intended manner. People that consider them "escapes from reality" or use them for that purpose are subject to potentially negative experiences. The fact is, you dont escape reality in fact you enter another that serves as a reference point for your ordinary waking reality. If your not prepared for it and you're wholly attached to the ordinary state of consciousness, it can be very overwhelming and potentially damaging. But more often than not, it opens up all those who step to it. Once exposed, it as an experience (and remember experiences are truths) that you cannot deny.One last thing, I've realized that I've subconsciously programmed myself to write as if I'm tweeting. I tend to use a lot of abbreviations, intentional mis-spellings, or spelling substitutions to fit my tweets into the 140 character limit per tweet. I've formed a habit of this that comes out in all initial drafts of any form of writing I execute. That being said, I may not have time to review and edit these posts. They're called quantum creativity for a reason. So if you see errors dont think "oh he cant spell or has bad grammar," but rather take it deeper and recognize that's just how I've unintentionally programmed my subconscious to execute. Then think about the fact that's how we all work and how you can program, de-program, and re-program all your subconscious habits. PEACE!