When you truly decide to reflect on reality and try to understand its nature by taking the time to study and listen to other's perspectives and philosophies along with analyzing such ideas and how they may apply to your life you begin to recognize a pattern, you begin to recognize it's all cyclical. The ability to emotionally connect and feel the reality behind this truth of the universe begins to dissolve any worry of what happens after this life and allows you to truly reflect on the purpose of this life . I'm not talking from a religious perspective either, though most religions do imply a cyclical nature to reality. Even science agrees that there is a fractal nature to the universe. Nature itself is cyclical it's on repeat. Events in your life, if you truly reflect on it, seem to have a cyclical nature as well. DEATH BURKA SPACE EYEBALL Our bodies adhere to a circadian rhythm, the planets revolve around a revolving sun which is part of a revolving galaxy. Nothing in reality moves in a straight line but more like a vortex, that's why in fighting the best strategy is lateral movement, circling your opponent. Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Jiu Jitsu, and Surfing all have beauty because of their rotational qualities, spinning, flipping and revolving in perfect sychronicity. It's all so prevalent in our daily lives, the bills we pay come every 30 days, taxes are due every year, and businesses plan around 4 annual quarters. People die, babies are born and on and on and on. Life repeats and the universe propels itself in a circular fashion. You don't need religion or philosophy or scientific equations to recognize this, it is reality and it's simply a matter of seeing the pattern in front of you to understand this truth. It's almost impossible to argue against. So why is it that in the abundance of evidence in all different forms that point to a fractal, repetitive, cyclical universe do we question there being a reality beyond this existence? It is almost utter nonsense to believe for one second, after  truly reflecting and analyzing this characteristic about the nature of reality, that after this life we pass on into nothingness. Just from a purely rational perspective how can "nothing" even exist? Show me nothing, where is nothing, and if you've never seen it and no one can show it to you how the hell are any of us suppose to go to such a place after we pass from physical existence. I won't even speculate on what may exist beyond this life but I will say something does exist. Everything else in the known universe has a cyclical nature to it, not a linear. So why would everything else in reality be on repeat but us? If anything was further from the truth, that is it; that we are the one exception in the grand universe. That everything else repeats itself, even the achievements in our lives depend on evolving through successive repetitive steps but at the end the consciousness of the human being ceases to exist and is banned to a realm of nothing, a realm that cannot even exist by definition. And don't take my opinion as truth, simply reflect on you own life, on that which surrounds you and you'll see it's all on repeat. And when you recognize it's all on repeat then you have to be honest with yourself and say "man, according to the reality in front of me the probability of there being something beyond death seems very very high!" And why would there be any need for anything after death? Why would you need to go through this experience just for it to end? Well lets think, you're here to evolve, everything evolves and then your here to procreate and guide the next generation toward their next phase of evolution. This seems to be the universal path, a cyclical progressive pattern of evolution. Your life is a tool to be used as guidance for the generations to come. Now if the youth need guidance, why would we think adults don't? And maybe this is the point, that we do get guidance in forms we cannot quantify or rationalize that are bestowed upon us from the realms we have not yet achieved, the realms above and beyond the physical existence. Almost like our ancestors are guiding us but in order to do so correctly they must have a reference of experience. They must understand what it is like to be human, our plight, our drama, our half awakened state. They must understand the predisposed limitations we are subject to. And this requires having been a human and just like we go through life to experience and understand so we can accurately guide our offspring, so must those beyond us so they can continue to guide us into our next phase of evolution. There is a point to this existence, even if it's simply to guide those that come next. And maybe that's all there is to existence, to help guide those below while simultaneously evolving ourselves to the next levels above, cause after all isn't that exactly what's already going on? I AM DEATH BURKA, I AM TRUTH, AND UNLESS THAT’S WHAT YOUR ABOUT…I REALLY COULDN’T GIVE ANY LESS OF A FUCK!