¡INDIGO SKY AND THE 33RD REUNITE! Posted on 01 Jul 18:39

The fact of Life is that it comes with a constant oscillation of introductions, separations, and re-unitings. As you go through life there will be periods of time  when the people immediately surrounding you will change. Call them friends, call them family, call them foes...whatever it is you label those who surround you, the one thing that's for certain is they're always in a constant flux, a perpetual change.SKY JUNE14 1 Whoever surrounded you last week, last month, even last year will change in time. The reasons it changes is always different, there may be a falling out, a realization, a death or simply a change in distance between the people that come in and out of your life. But there is one thing that is for sure, one thing you can always count on being true, that those who are suppose to be a part of your life, those who are cosmically united with you, those who's connection to you runs deeper than this life, will always come back around.SKY JUNE14 2 Your people will always come back into your life and these are the relationships you want to hold dearest but not hold tight or force. All of us need growth, all of us need to evolve, we need to be taken out of our current circumstances and forced to face something completely different so that we have reference points, real opposing experiences to draw from so we can recognize the value of those who are our true friends, our true family, our true loved ones.SKY JUNE14 5 We often deceive ourselves in the comfort of any situation. We begin to think it always be like this, and this is a trick of the universe to make you believe there is a plateau, a constant, a final destination. But the moment you believe that your world gets flipped upside down. And isn't to destroy you, though for some of us it does, but rather the universe forces these moments of separation for you to learn, so that you recognize that nothing stays the same, everything changes and that you should never get comfortable with a situation or a relationship because in the flash of an instant it could all disappear.SKY JUNE14 4 The real lesson is to be constantly ready for everything to change, to never take any situation or any person for granted because change is the only certainty in the universe. When your up a down is coming and when your down an up is right around the corner.SKY JUNE14 11 And when you've finally assimilated this truth, you hold dear those that were always loyal, that always had your back, who loved you for you and were always looking out for your best interest even if it created moments of tension.SKY JUNE14 8 You move past your ego and recognize tough love, you see past what you think is someone telling you what to do and see that it is really them trying to protect you from yourself. SKY JUNE14 9And from that point forward, you never allow trivial moments to dictate a relationship, you never allow bullshit to separate you forever from the people you love, and if the need for separation arises you recognize whole heartedly that if its real that separation won't last for long because the universal truth is nothing lasts forever, except for love.SKY JUNE14 10 So to all the lovers, the homies, the friends, and the families we all fight this is natural but try to understand the truth that if you love something let it go, never force a thing, just let it flow because in the end if its real, it will come back and that's the deal. We're glad to have you back Odd Wolf Sky... 33RD FOR LIFE!