¡FIXED BELIEFS AND WAR! Posted on 30 Jul 17:53

In my experience so far nothing in reality is fixed. Even repeated action deviates from every other and evolves over time. Our depth of knowledge and creativity continues to grow, repeatedly proving false ideas we once held as absolutes.photo1-3 Even solid objects have a vibratory nature that can be measured with lasers proving that the couch you perceive as fixed in a single position is actually moving at fractions of a millimeter. The speed of light is an average of various measurements meaning we've measured speeds greater than the speed of light, calling into question the scientifically sanctioned constant. In a podcast, Terrence McKenna posed the question "did the laws of physics exist before the Big Bang, before the existence of physical matter? And if not are these "laws" not laws but instead habitual patterns of the universe that evolve in the same way that everything else around us does?"RICHIE AND DA GODS If u seriously consider this, it may not be true that even the laws of physics, as we're taught to believe, are fixed. Of course this is only important because our beliefs are influencing reality in more ways than the consumer confidence index, in more ways then we are consciously aware. And with all this in mind it's interesting to consider what fixed beliefs do to our own individual reality's when reality itself is completely in flux. There is a definite benefit to being in-tune with this flux, it's called being in-tune with reality.CP SUPER TRIPRE RAWED As the world is on the brink of war consider what u hold as absolute truth, consider how such beliefs may potentially be the cause of so much devastation around us. Consider how always trying to control people and maintain borders and force ideas onto others and refuse to accept anyone else's ideas may be the exact reason why everything is so chaotic. Consider how any fixed belief in an ever fluctuating reality is absolutely contributing to such disharmony. No group or idea is going to save the world, what saves the world is the individual saving his/her Self.NollieInward | SteveGamboa And until we're willing to let go of what we want to be true we will never be able to see what is actually true. May peace be with you.