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It doesn't take much to step back and observe for a moment, but too often are we caught up in the living, the sensory reception, and somehow the observation turns off or rather we just become less aware of employing its use. True observation comes from a rational unemotional indifferent perspective. It's free of the ego of what we believe and think and is the ability to look at things as they truly are. Through observation and reflection we tend to come across our greatest epiphanies. So I was observing the other day and had this realization that regardless of how conscious we are of it, we are all TEACHING DEVICES. But not in the academic sense, we obviously dont all have a teaching degree. I'm talking in the broader sense, in how what we do tends to influence the people around us. So it's indirect teaching comparable to a child imitating what he sees his parents do. Even tho we're not all children, we never really stop doing this. I mean we never really stop imitating the people we look up to and the people that look up to you tend to imitate what you do as well. It's a cyclical process that even exists in the animal world. Culture is a broader representation of this phenomenon in humans. If you move to a place that speaks the same language but with a different accent, after enough time spent around that accent you will usually adopt the same sound emphasis on your words. It's almost subconscious so we usually dont even recognize we're doing it. Ahhh but then we're back home one day observing and reflecting (you know, that objective stuff) & we realize we've learned to talk differently than we would usually. It's rare someone actually sat down and taught you the accent but rather you just started adopting habits of those that surround you. They never were formal teachers creating a curriculm for you to follow but you gained something from them you didn't know before or didn't do before. You learned something from them so inherently they taught you something.The reality is it is not natural for us to learn by telling each other stuff, by regurgatating nonsense out of a book and hoping it sticks in the minds of those listening. And this is obvious because we begin learning how to crawl, walk, and talk far before we can have a conversation or read a book. Now books obviously teach us stuff. I'm not saying we dont learn from books (I read everyday) but what I am saying is with or without books we are learning and the way we are learning is by replicating, reflecting, copying, mimicking, & imitating our environment. From day 1 this is the reality of our existence, we see everything that is going on around us and we mimic it. Babies dont get on two feet cause the parent looks at them and says, "now stand up and walk on two feet." NO, the baby sees what its parents are doing, it attempts here and there, the parents may assist but in the end the majority of the teaching is not by the parent's assistance but rather by the parent just doing what he/she does walking around on two feet. The example we set aka OUR ACTIONS are the subconscious teaching devices we employ on those around us. So though we may not even be aware of it the reality is our actions are teaching the others around us how to act. For better or for worse , this is the fundamental cycle of our existence: we see what others do, we repeat and then the next generation sees what we do and they repeat and so on and so forth. This is the reason we can have centuries of when looking back seem like stagnant evolution because when our actions as a whole are controlled to enough of a degreed, the shit that gets repeated through time remains somewhat the same and not really evolved at all. We continue to do, be, and perpetuate all that surrounds us, all that we see all that we believe is how things ought to be. But there does come a time at which your consciousness forms to the point that you recognize a need to evolve. As a whole I believe that is what 2012 represents: the break away from the stagnant repetition of the same old shit in exchange for the recognition we are here to continuously evolve! When you begin to realize that you have influence it's important to recognize that influence is the TEACHING DEVICE. Our tendency is to do what every1 else is doing without giving it a thought or question if this is what we want those looking upon us to learn from us. So when you recognize your influence it is very important to think about this tendency. There are people looking up to you, learning by what you do because it is in their nature to reflect what surrounds them. You will continue to reflect that which you look up to as well. This never stops.  This is not your choice or their choice, this is how we've been engineered to work and you can accept the reality or you can live in an illusive world where you believe your actions influence no1 and you are influenced by nothing and no1. REALITY CHECK PEOPLE YOUR ACTIONS ARE THE ONLY THING THAT INFLUENCE PEOPLE, POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE, THE ONES AROUND YOU THAT LOOK UP TO YOU ARE GOING TO FOLLOW WHAT YOU DO. And you cannot argue this unless your in complete denial of the example you set. But you also cannot honestly be held responsible for influencing some1 until you recognize the power of your actions. SO I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU RECOGNIZE YOUR ACTIONS; OBSERVE AND REFLECT! Now this is where humans and animals seem to differ is in their awakening to CHOICE. It seems like animals have no other choice but to be animals they cannot undo their natural tendencies. Their consciousness is not evolved enough to do so. But with humans this is quite different. Humans seem to have this ability to gain self awareness and from there they have the choice to either submit to their natural human tendencies or they can employ conscious action to transcend the animal inside we call HUMAN NATURE. We have consciousness and that in & of itself is the ability to be greater than human nature. But you must first recognize how the human works, that we learn from our surroundings so what you surround yourself with you cannot free yourself from. And if what you are learning from is your surroundings, which dictate your behavior/actions/motivations, of which those looking up to you are going to follow and imitate because at your very root you are they're teacher, then the only choice you have to change what you teach is to consciously change your surroundings. You have to consider your surroundings and what that means. When you broaden the meaning of what your surroundings are to include the influences around, your mental state, your emotional state, your health, what you do, what you read, your beliefs, your open/closed mindedness, the imagery you see daily, what your learning, etc. you realize that there is a lot you can do to change your surroundings without changing the physical location of where you are. Although, it is my belief that it is very important for you to experience physical surroundings outside of where you reside or have always lived. The point is what ever you surround yourself with you are going to reflect but remember what you are reflecting others are picking up to reflect as well. So this is all a personal observation that I believe all can gain from. Many of you have already thought about this so here's my reinforcement of that thought, and for those that have never considered this perspective I hope it opens up some new ideas of who you are, what you are, and how much you contribute by just being you. Meditate every fucking day and stay cool as fuck! PS Here's a cool little psuedo fact (psuedo cause you can't really prove it but if you think about it, it's true): you are the average of the 5 people you hangout with the most. Ponder that and check for me on my next rant!




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Spirituality is a topic I'd really like to discuss. I've been getting the feeling that there is a big misconception regarding the difference between Spirituality and religion. It seems that people tend to confuse these two things as one in the same when they are entirely different. It is similar to the misconception of the swastika in the sense that tho the Nazi Hackencruze is a swastika, a swastika is not a Nazi Hackencruze, just like religion can be Spiritual but Spirituality is not religion. The same comparison can be made between perception and reality, tho your perception is your reality, reality is not necessarily your perception. It all comes back to origin and tho something can originate from an idea it is not necessarily synonomous with the idea itself. Spirituality is without limitation where as religion is wholly limited to doctrine, to something physical which is completely out of line with Spirituality. There are three planes of existence: physical, mental, & Spiritual. The plane the proceeds transcends the plane before it, respectively. So to become well accustomed to the mental plane is your first step in transcending the physical plane, "MIND OVER MATTER!" But the only thing that transcends the mental plane is the Spiritual. Now we barely understand the degree to which we are mentally capable but it seems as time goes on we continue to break the barriers of what we believe are physical limitations due to the degree we are evolving mentally. But Spirituality cannot be thought of like the mental for it is not mental. I would say the physical and mental is something we employ something we do, where Spirituality is not something you do but the something you produce, the result of what you do. And to the degree that you focus on attaining the results rather than being held back by physical and mental limitation is the degree to which you are Spiritual. It has nothing to do with the amount you believe in God. I know a lot of people that "believe" in God but are so out of tune Spiritually that they just appear to be a joke. The first thing that must be understood is that our minds do play tricks on us but only because we allow them too. Often times we aren't even aware and can be hardly held responsible for the veil that keeps us blind. In order for us to understand anything we recognize we must be able to process it mentally. But what about those things that we aren't mentally able to process, that go beyond mental and are those things that take actual experience, the combination of events and momentum in time that we are actually involved in physically and mentally. The experience itself is SPIRITUALITY. And it is something that we are involved in and subject to at every waking moment, every blink of consciousness we experience is Spiritual. It has nothing to do with god or religion or only peace love & positivity because there is no limitation to experience therefore there is no limitation to Spirituality. And even a bad experience can produce a positive result so to say Spirituality is only positive is completely erroneous! But if everything we experience is Spiritual, how do you practice Spirituality when you're already doing it all the time anyway, conscious of it or not? Well the actual practice is in the form of trying to consciously direct what it is you desire to experience. No matter what, we are experiencing this existence but until we mentally recognize that we can direct and even control this experience, we are only in the flow of Spirituality but we are not practicing Spirituality. There is the difference, the conscious recognition of the physical and mental actions one must employ in order to gain the experience they desire. That combination of synchronzing ur physical actions and ur mental attitude produces a result called a Spiritual experience. Even if u don't agree with the semantics, the bottom-line is anyone in that mode of synchronicity is practicing Spirituality. It's like taking 1, 2, & 3. By no means are 1 and 2 by themselves 3 but when combined they are 3. But you would never go back and call 3 the combination of 1 and 2 (well maybe an atheist would if math hadn't been proven yet), rather you would just call it 3. Well that is what Spirituality is the result you get from the combination of what you do physically and mentally. PHYSICAL + MENTAL = SPIRITUAL. So Spirituality is of varying degree: the higher level of your physical/mental combination results in a higher level of Spirituality & obviously the lower level of your physical/mental combination results in a lower level of Spirituality. To say that you are either Spiritual or not is purely an error and would draw the conclusion that you can never increase the level at which you synchronize your physical and mental outputs/inputs unless you were one of the special people the Universe decided it wanted to bestow Spirituality upon. That's bullshit, there's no chosen 1 or any chosen group of people, anyone can better themselves at any time they choose and therefore increase their Spirituality. It is the Universal Law of Free Will. So this may be conceptually advanced so I defs want to portray some examples that may better help you understand what I am saying. So if Spirituality is the combination of two other planes that means it does not exist alone, it is independent yet codependent, more like a fractal being the result of an equation that produces its own entity. Take skateboarding, if you've done it you know that it takes not only the physical movement but also the mental confidence to stay in sync with your board. You cannot roll up to a 10 stair with fear in your mind and expect to land a kickflip. So here is where the combination of what you employ physically and mentally is determinative of the result you desire to experience. In order to EXPERIENCE that kickflip over a 10 stair your physical action must be completely in sync with your mental attitude. Now here is where physical and mental reality must be understood in order to have a spiritual experience. As you look down the 10 stair, you may have butterflies in your stomach and a little fear is always healthy because it requires you to mentally overcome it before you can be physically successful, MIND OVER MATTER. To overcome it you reflect on your consistency in your kickflip and your ability to clear 10 stairs. Mentally you reflect that you can land a kickflip over 8 stairs 9 times out of 10 and that you clear 10 stairs easily every time you ollie um; mentally you recognize your level of physical consistency & capability. But the fear stems from the fact this is your 1st kickflip over 10 but what the mental reflection does is show you that your fear is not necessarily in line with what your physically capable of, actually you should be quite confident in your ability to achieve the experience you desire since what you desire is not very far off from what you are physically capable of doing and mentally able to visualize. So thru ur mental you've cleared those butterflies, the fear was not real, and a clear confidence comes over you and you go for your first try. You bail on the 1st one but now you know what it feels like to try and you're confidence is even higher cuz it feels very familiar. Now your 100% that your fear was complete bullshit and  you got this. You give it a few more goes mentally considering the physical adjustments you must make to complete the trick and BOOOM on your final attempt you land your 1st kickflip over 10 stairs, YOU ATTAIN THE EXPERIENCE YOU DESIRED AKA SPIRITUALITY! You can't call that just a Physical experience cuz it took mental ability to achieve and you can't call it a mental experience cuz it requried physical movement to achieve. I guess you could make shit up and call it Physimental experience or you could not sound dumb and call it what it is, A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Photobucket Now obviously sometimes we are less conscious of the mechanics employed to achieve our experience but if you reflect on it you will draw the conclusion this is how it works. And the more conscious you are of how the combination of what you do physically and mentally produce your experience the more Spiritual you become. Limitations that once existed in your mind have now been overcome physically and your entire potential has been expanded. Your imagination starts to produce the next level of potential experiences you can attain. Every expansion from limitation is a Spiritual experience. And the more and more you employ those things necessary to create that expansion is called practicing SPIRITUALITY! So the limitations for the highly Spiritual do not come from a doctrine but rather from ourselves. And tho Spirituality is without limits, your practice of Spirituality, your practice in experiencing that which you desire does require SELF imposed limitations because the result of what we experience is the result of the combination of what we do physically and mentally. You can't combine any two numbers and get 3, and tho it is not limited to one combination there are only specific combinations that will result in 3 tho there is an infinite amount of combinations that create 3: 1 + 1 + 1 =  3, 2 + 1 = 3, .5 + 1.5 + 1 = 3, 4 - 1 = 3....and so on and so forth. So what ever it is you desire to experience you must discover for yourself the combination of physical and mental actions that works to produce the results you wish to experience. SO FIND YOUR COMBINATION AND CREATE YOU RHYTHM, THE MORE  FREQUENT FOR YOUR RHYTHM THE HIGHER FREQUENCY YOU PRODUCE & YOUR FREQUENCY IS YOUR SPIRITUALITY! (Sorry atheists but your Spiritual too, for reality does not depend on your belief in order for it to exist!) PEACE  




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Alex Grey has developed the capability to capture the unexplainable psychedelic experience in his art. He is amazing, trip out man... http://alexgrey.com/