¡AGENDA X FRENEMY! Posted on 18 Jan 15:48

We had an amazing time exhibiting at our first Agenda. Here's a few clips of the squad having Good Times! 

¡THE INDIGO KIDS HAVE AWAKEN! Posted on 05 Jan 13:51

"The more one realizes their unity with Spirit, the less they can be dominated by matter."


¡BABYLON OPENING! Posted on 21 Apr 16:24

FERG SESSIONS Posted on 02 Mar 19:08

The 33RD SK8 DIVISION takes you into a daily training session at their local park, Ferg! Ft. Jonathan Velasques, Jesse Hernandez, Steve Gamboa, & Jesse Carreon.



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Preview of a project one of our supporters, (@TONEYCOSMOS), is working on reppn the 33RD TIE DIE. Can't wait to see the final product. KEEP STAYN HIGHMINDED TONEY, WE LOVE THIS SHOT!

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Sorry for the extended absence, here's a drawing rendered into a design... DRAWSIGN! I love the argument that this whole existence, our planet, our species is all just a random act of chaos. That there is no order to the universe, everything is simply coincidence, a perfect coincidence. We need not look far to see that although chaos exists on the human level, the reality of nature, the planets, the universe as we know it, is very structured & completely ordered. Look at our solar system, each planet at it's constant distance relative to the sun, all orbitng and spinning in a synchronized, repetitive form. They dont fly off into space, they remain there in order for the eons that they will exist. Our planet revolves the sun a complete 360 the same amount of time every time. Our seasons, tho they've been fluctuating a little lately, are for the most part always predictable and always arrive at the same time. There's an order to the birth process which can consistently be predicted to occur in the 9th month. We all grow at somewhat the same rate, none of us go from 1 to 12 to 56 to 27 to 89 to 3, no we all grow at a relatively consistent rate from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood, to old age. Math which never lies, requires an ordered sequence to get any accurate result, PEMDAS. Birds fly south in the winter and north in the summer. The visable light spectrum always reflects the same combination of colors. These are consistent structures, orders of the natural world and of the universe. So the point is chaos is an illusion formulated by the minds that created it to confuse the shit out of you, but in reality ORDER is all that exists. And tho there are infinite levels of structure and order, the only way to maximize any potential is thru STRUCTURE & ORDER. Of course self-willed structure/order is far greater in potential than forced structure/order.




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Here are the 5 winners for the twitter competition, thanx for participating! Click the name to follow

THANX HOMIES!!! DM us your size and address!



I've got to speak on this because it has played a very critical role in my life over the past 6 months and that is MEDITATION! The philosophy, the metaphysics, and the actual experience could take an entire series of books to write because there are so many techniques out there for meditation, and tho there are definite similarities in how people meditate and even to the extent of their experience, meditation is truly a subjective and personal experience that varies on infinite levels. I have only had 6 months of consistent meditation everyday without exception, so I am not the most experienced person to guide any1 or speak from some grand experience, but what I have experienced in the past six months is so profound that I have to at least reveal some of it and try to offer you some knowledge on how to start. I have acquired a lot of techniques from the writings of various Gurus but I'll give you the 1st step to getting started. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED A GUIDE OR GURU TO MEDITATE! You only need CONSISTENCY! As long as you are consistent the rest will come, I PROMISE! The first recommendation is finding a secluded place that's relatively quite. Your room is perfectly fine, but the quieter the area the less distraction there will be. Then find a comfortable sitting position on the floor or even in a chair. If u can sit cross legged without straining yourself that's a good position to start ur meditation in. From there just sit and close ur eyes, try to sit up straight and not slouch. This will help to reinforce good posture in ur everyday life. You can interlace ur fingers and jus place ur hands in ur lap. The most important thing about meditation overall is to be relaxed. I personally like to smoke a little ganja. A little puff tho, just enough to get a light high. You dont want to get totally bombed out. I listen to buddhist chants too because it gives me something to focus on especially if there's any distracting noise around. I even use headphones sometimes. Now sitting in the same position for 10 mins straight might be tough enough so you want to be as comfortable as possible but not to the point of going to sleep. And then just sit there without moving or opening your eyes for at least 10 mins. You can put on a timer if you want and you can even go longer, in fact the longer the greater the experience. And then jus assess, what is your mind saying? Can you get it to stay quiet? Are you only thinking about how long it has been, how much longer will it be? Do you start dozing off and dreaming? Can you focus your thoughts? Can you think about a problem or a creative task and start to figure it out in your mind? How visual are your thoughts? Analyze these things, but do ur best to either focus ur thought or try not to think about anything at all. It's a lot more difficult then it seems. Explore your mind, how often do you do that? Just sit there using very little of your 5 senses and just see what's going on in your mind. Learn to observe, and you'll start to realize how active your mind is when your not even trying to use it. You start to realize that there's You and then there's your mind. You analyze the other. And out of the numerous techniques out there, I would offer just this one for now, just breathe through your nose. Learn to acquire the "Yogi Complete Breath," (if u click the link u can skip all the preliminary, tho it's good info, and go straight to chapter VIII for the technique). Try to focus on just breathing through your nose completely, in and out through your nose with your eyes closed trying to control your thoughts for a minimum of 10 mins. It's difficult but overtime very rewarding, and talk about manifestation, man, can you really begin to manifest crazy things in your life after some consistent meditation. It may seem to the rational mind, to the ego that there is no point in sitting by urself with ur eyes closed. Rationally it seems like an absurd idea and one with little benefit. And these thoughts may be something you battle with during ur first meditations, but if you can get past that part what you earn is far greater than the cost. It's a very subtle thing, at first, but it's the subtleties in life that make all the difference. If your an athlete you know this first hand, how the most minor adjustment can make all the difference. But unless you experience it you can't really ever know. But there is a definite benefit to mediation. There is even scientific testing that show increases in brain activity and stimulation during meditation. What your trying to achieve physically is a rest state, but a completely conscious rest state. As you begin to get consistent with your meditation and learn how to hold them for longer periods of time you'll begin to experience ur body almost in a sleep mode while ur mind is still wide awake not drifting off into the unconscious dream state. By doing this you are storing up energy. Your completely relaxed thinking little, not being excited by emotions, or using physical movement because all these things use energy. A good meditation while very relaxing is also storing energy. Yogi's would take it even further and say that your storing up the metaphysical Prana. In Vedantic philosophy, prana is the notion of a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings that we acquire through every breathe. If your an athlete or do anything physically demanding you know how important breath is, also known as "gas." All in all there is numerous and infinite benefits to meditation. The brain needs to be worked like muscles do, and meditation is like a mental exercise; ur learning to control ur mind but not trying to control ur mind! Sounds like a contradiction but it's a reality. So I hope this inspires some to at least try. I have benefited so much from meditation, from my businesses to my creativity , to problem solving, communicating, controlling my emotions, increasing my physical abilities, and most of all my focus and mind control. It's not something your suppose to use to increase your materiality but somehow it jus comes with the territory if that's how you choose to exercise it. This wont be the last post on meditation, and honestly if it's something you begin to get into, reading is the key to increasing your knowledge. You have to consider that if there's any dormant parts of your mind, meditation may be the way that leads you to activate it. INCREASE YOUR JEDI MIND! (if you have any questions or anything to contribute hit up @FRENEMYCLOTHING on twitter and start a conversation!!)