¡THIS IS OUR CITY! Posted on 18 Mar 17:53


¡JOYRICH RE-OPENING! Posted on 10 Mar 02:37

We went to the re-opening of the newly re-modeled Joyrich store. The steez was wild as usual and made for some dope flicks. Go check it out, even if  the clothes aren't your thing, the store has a super unique look, and being right on Melrose it won't be hard to find something that you are feelin' near by.

¡KNOWN GALLERYxTHOMPSONxTSL! Posted on 07 Mar 16:34

We went by the Known Gallery and checked this rad showing by George Thompson (Ewok AWR) titled Revisionist History.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="590"] The man himself[/caption] There's a very dark humor to klans men dressed in throw back basketball gear, but dark and twisted is Thompson's style. There are so many depths to these pieces it's genius, they address current issues going on in our country while keeping it hilarious and real as fuck, and the technical execution is obviously on point. Those who don't get context would never get this but I feel offensive humor is on the rise. It's the only real way for us all to get over these issues of intolerance. It's fuckin bogus to be a decade deep in the 21st century and still have so many issues with racism. But I think Thompson's on to something here, keepin' the issue  in the closet hasn't been working, so making fun of it and keepin it visually present is the best way to communicate RACISM IS WACK....Enjoy!! If u get a chance, go check this out, it's a must see!