¡33RD FREQUENCY PODCAST EPISODE 1! Posted on 23 Oct 21:53

This is the 33rd Frequency podcast. It is an extension of the Frenemy philosophy of self-evolution, scientific mysticism, and inquiry into the lesser known realities of this universe that have been accessed and revealed to us throughout the ages. We are given two choices in this world; to control minds or to free minds. Information is the path to freedom and as a brand we seek to expose more individuals to highly coveted information. This is not part of an agenda to get people to believe in any type of system of ideas or dogmatic approaches to reality but rather to break that type of conditioned thinking and give people a real chance to decide what is true of this world and this universe. As a society and culture we have been fed half truths and bias confirmations about the realities of life. Accepting these beliefs on faith is the root of the dysfunctional behavior being displayed throughout the world today. There exists an ever fluctuating flow of reality that we are not taught about, and without tuning into, leaves us in a state of perpetual turmoil. Society and culture are hinged on the acceptance of fixed beliefs and as people begin to let them go or at the very least begin to inquire beyond such notions, the ideas of culture and society begin to break down. In no way is this an attempt to invalidate culture or destroy society but rather expand and evolve our ideas of both. The beauty of this world is in its differences, yet society would have us believe that it is our differences that separate us and create the chaos from which we all suffer. Culture pushes homogenization but humans are naturally drawn toward the novel; beauty occurs most in what is unique. Evolution is the infinite approach to what is most unique. It's not even considered evolution unless it hasn't existed before. And if the universe moves towards what is most unique then there must be something important to that approach. In our perspective it is our differences that give life true meaning. Differences give reality something worth truly pursuing. But this way of thinking is in direct conflict with the contemporary cultivation of culture. We're not taught how to be individuals which is neglecting us the greatest fulfillment this reality has to offer. Until we each embrace our individuality and unite in our differences, this world is forever doomed into an eternal state of conflict. Frenemy and The 33rd Frequency is a true approach to individuality, and on this journey we will examine the methods and techniques that allow each of us to approach the highest potentials within ourselves. There exists a spark within each of us that must be embraced to truly know how unique we are. Culture and society may always exist but it should not come at the cost of being out of tune with reality, and most importantly out of tune with ourselves. Humanity cannot evolve and enter into the next phase of its galactic destiny until we are united by our differences. But to begin we must break down the walls of constrictive thinking that divide us all. That begins with exposing ourselves to new information that isn't created to manipulate us and control the way we think! This is the attempt of the 33rd, so begin this journey with us into the realm of self-inquiry, self-transcendence, and self-realization. Every individual that evolves themselves evolves this world; this is the reality we must all come to accept if we are to save this planet from self perpetuated catastrophe.