¡SONNY COATES! Posted on 06 Sep 03:23

Introducing an up and coming musician/artist/visionary; a very close friend and confidant, Sonny Coates is a dude we look up to. His insight and his perspective are truly #HIGHMINDED, and we're so excited that he's finally ready to reveal himself to the world! He's been running a very forward thinking website called PREAMP for a number of years now, and is finally on the verge of debuting some of his tunes. He's been a key figure in keeping us motivated to push forward with what we're doing, and to never allow others' opinions compromise our creativity. He's someone the world needs to know, someone whose motivations are always universal, and lowkey we think he's the Jimi Hendrix reincarnate, LOOK AT HIM! He's also produced some very thought provoking irie podcasts, a mix of psychedelic tunes, potent conversations, and creative recordings combined to create a cosmic experience and something great to get high and listen to. Sonny Coates is an amazing person and a huge inspiration. We're happy to finally share him with you all! Be sure to follow him on twitter (@SONNYCOATES) and Check out this video highlighting some of his fashion sense and highminded outlook on life!