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Congratulations to @MRBLVCKFVSHXN on winning our $150 Instagram giveaway to the online store!!MRBLVCKFVSHXN

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In my experience so far nothing in reality is fixed. Even repeated action deviates from every other and evolves over time. Our depth of knowledge and creativity continues to grow, repeatedly proving false ideas we once held as absolutes.photo1-3 Even solid objects have a vibratory nature that can be measured with lasers proving that the couch you perceive as fixed in a single position is actually moving at fractions of a millimeter. The speed of light is an average of various measurements meaning we've measured speeds greater than the speed of light, calling into question the scientifically sanctioned constant. In a podcast, Terrence McKenna posed the question "did the laws of physics exist before the Big Bang, before the existence of physical matter? And if not are these "laws" not laws but instead habitual patterns of the universe that evolve in the same way that everything else around us does?"RICHIE AND DA GODS If u seriously consider this, it may not be true that even the laws of physics, as we're taught to believe, are fixed. Of course this is only important because our beliefs are influencing reality in more ways than the consumer confidence index, in more ways then we are consciously aware. And with all this in mind it's interesting to consider what fixed beliefs do to our own individual reality's when reality itself is completely in flux. There is a definite benefit to being in-tune with this flux, it's called being in-tune with reality.CP SUPER TRIPRE RAWED As the world is on the brink of war consider what u hold as absolute truth, consider how such beliefs may potentially be the cause of so much devastation around us. Consider how always trying to control people and maintain borders and force ideas onto others and refuse to accept anyone else's ideas may be the exact reason why everything is so chaotic. Consider how any fixed belief in an ever fluctuating reality is absolutely contributing to such disharmony. No group or idea is going to save the world, what saves the world is the individual saving his/her Self.NollieInward | SteveGamboa And until we're willing to let go of what we want to be true we will never be able to see what is actually true. May peace be with you.

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The fact of Life is that it comes with a constant oscillation of introductions, separations, and re-unitings. As you go through life there will be periods of time  when the people immediately surrounding you will change. Call them friends, call them family, call them foes...whatever it is you label those who surround you, the one thing that's for certain is they're always in a constant flux, a perpetual change.SKY JUNE14 1 Whoever surrounded you last week, last month, even last year will change in time. The reasons it changes is always different, there may be a falling out, a realization, a death or simply a change in distance between the people that come in and out of your life. But there is one thing that is for sure, one thing you can always count on being true, that those who are suppose to be a part of your life, those who are cosmically united with you, those who's connection to you runs deeper than this life, will always come back around.SKY JUNE14 2 Your people will always come back into your life and these are the relationships you want to hold dearest but not hold tight or force. All of us need growth, all of us need to evolve, we need to be taken out of our current circumstances and forced to face something completely different so that we have reference points, real opposing experiences to draw from so we can recognize the value of those who are our true friends, our true family, our true loved ones.SKY JUNE14 5 We often deceive ourselves in the comfort of any situation. We begin to think it always be like this, and this is a trick of the universe to make you believe there is a plateau, a constant, a final destination. But the moment you believe that your world gets flipped upside down. And isn't to destroy you, though for some of us it does, but rather the universe forces these moments of separation for you to learn, so that you recognize that nothing stays the same, everything changes and that you should never get comfortable with a situation or a relationship because in the flash of an instant it could all disappear.SKY JUNE14 4 The real lesson is to be constantly ready for everything to change, to never take any situation or any person for granted because change is the only certainty in the universe. When your up a down is coming and when your down an up is right around the corner.SKY JUNE14 11 And when you've finally assimilated this truth, you hold dear those that were always loyal, that always had your back, who loved you for you and were always looking out for your best interest even if it created moments of tension.SKY JUNE14 8 You move past your ego and recognize tough love, you see past what you think is someone telling you what to do and see that it is really them trying to protect you from yourself. SKY JUNE14 9And from that point forward, you never allow trivial moments to dictate a relationship, you never allow bullshit to separate you forever from the people you love, and if the need for separation arises you recognize whole heartedly that if its real that separation won't last for long because the universal truth is nothing lasts forever, except for love.SKY JUNE14 10 So to all the lovers, the homies, the friends, and the families we all fight this is natural but try to understand the truth that if you love something let it go, never force a thing, just let it flow because in the end if its real, it will come back and that's the deal. We're glad to have you back Odd Wolf Sky... 33RD FOR LIFE!    

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The 33rd Sk8 Division and friends took it to the streets of LA for Go Skate Day 2014. It was an awesome day and keeps growing bigger and getting better every year! Salute to all the skaters around the world, passion is what it's all about.


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We're super stoked one of our pieces made it into this Michael Jackson tribute by Justin Timberlake. Check it out, dancer on the left pool table at 2:00 minutes in wearing our black "Kshatriya" tank. Plus the song and dancing are super dope in this video and we're super honored to have a teeny tiny part in it!! Thank you to our family at Akai Ito Boutique for always checking for us. ENJOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oG08ukJPtR8&sns=em MJ JT Kshatriya tank


I've been doing a lot of ranting on Facebook lately and kinda of been neglecting the blog unintentionally. deathburka tripe eye This writing thing is kind of new to me and I've been trying to hone it on a certain level. Trying to figure out a direction to possibly to go with it but what always seems to happen is random bouts of self expression. I've been feeling these are more appropriate for a smaller platform like Facebook then the Frenemy blog but the response I get is interesting. See I keep my Facebook private, it really only consists of friends and family I was raised with and went to college with. I believe this is how most people use Facebook; less as an avenue to meet new people and more of a way to interact and keep in touch with the people you already know. So it always a bit more interesting for me when I don't censor my FB posts because there is already a pre-judgement in my audience's opinion about who I am. The experiences we've had between each other in a sense influence the way they interpret my words or my posts. Like there's a prejudice almost that exists on FB that I feel exists less or on a different level than on other social media like Instagram and Twitter where you might open yourself up to a worldwide audience. People that don't know you personally are a little more objective, judging your posts more based on the post itself and less on their personal opinion of you.ROBBIE K BABY KRISHNA TANK The internet is a place where you no longer are limited to the people you grew up with and the town you live in, to find others of likemindedness. Instead you basically have the whole world to find your people, to find the ones your exactly like, to find the Others. Sometimes the places we grew up in are limited in others like ourselves and I feel like nothing reinforces that more than Facebook. You may have more in common with people on Facebook than any other group of people in the world while at the same time having very little relatability at all in the way they think! Now maybe this is only me but every now and then when I express this feeling on twitter I seem to get some responses from others feeling the same way. It seems like Facebook is really like the family social network that extends past your blood family into your hometown family which consists of friends, lesser friends, long time acquaintances, and even some foe or lets say Frenemies ;). And these people knowing you the best out of anyone on the internet also have the most to say about what you might express. You get some real ass feed back, positive and negative. Here people aren't afraid to call you out and they can do it even better because they actually know you. You learn quickly how people's responses to the way you think make you feel. You also learn quickly how the way you think makes others feel. You understand that being raised in the same place does not guarantee the same views. And if you're still in high school reading this, it's something you may not understand for another 5-10 years. Facebook is a lot different than say Twitter where I feel people follow you because they relate to you and because they want to. Where as on Facebook your friends more because you know each other personally and less because you think the same way and have the same views on life. So I feel like it's been a good place to try to refine my philosophies, my writing ability (cause my FB friends aren't afraid to call out technical errors), my conscious response to criticism positive or negative, and to be confident in my self expression even after feeling like, "well maybe I shouldn't have posted that." And I think that last quote is really what this post is all about.hand and eyes The Internet is the height of freedom of expression as we know it today. There is no limit to what you will find, the opinions you'll uncover, the information to be accessed, and the people to connect with. But it in that vast expanse of basically being able to do whatever you want, I feel we question ourselves and still hold back. Frenemy has become a platform for me to freely express my creativity, my ideas about the world, and what I think is rad and awesome. But I don't think Frenemy could have existed a decade ago. There were not enough outlets for one to expose their ideas to a likeminded audience. A brand whose majority focus is online just couldn't exist, you needed to do trade shows and immerse yourself in the fashion scene, be a slave to the retail overlords and super exclusive blogs that were basically in control of your exposure and in a sense in control of your level of creative expression. Buddhist swastikas a decade ago??? NO WAY!Richie Betty The high fashion priesthood would not allow such a level of expression to be exposed to the masses. But now a days the internet is so vast and complex, so fast, so easy and simple that we are no longer subject to the media, television networks, radio stations, record execs, production studios, distribution networks, magazines, all of these some what archaic institutions with layers of beaucracy that use to dictate the course of cultural creativity and mainstream acceptance. We now live in an age where self promotion is the number one tool in your arsenal for exposure and if your not doing it or doing it poorly, you better have someone on it doing it right or your image, identity, celebrity, idea, will jus fall by the wayside enveloped in the black hole of selfies and first time photoshop users that jus produced their 88th brand. Technology has leveled the playing field where anyone with a good idea and the will to manifest and express it can get it out to an audience to see its level of resonance. Depending on others is a thing of the past. All you need to learn is the ability to DO IT YOURSELF. Pretty much anything you want to know you can learn on the internet. And I believe this is an important fact people need to seriously understand (especially my friends on Facebook).INDIGO Sure it takes time and dedication like anything does but you are no longer limited to a college education and libraries for information or even having to physically meet someone to create a connection. Now you have YouTube, Podcasts, Lynda.com, Reddit.com, Wikipedia, unlimited numbers of news outlets, real time video of events around the world, connectibilty to anyone else with a connection, blogs, and forums. And once you've sourced enough information, practiced and harnessed some technical skills and have an idea, fuck the angel investor, now you can get funding thru Indiegogo or Kickstarter. And if anyone else in the world feels your vision they can just give you money, no strings attached. And there's no limit to how many ways you can do this, how many times you can do this, or how you choose to do this. It is all at your fingertips whenever you choose to make a move. And this is where self expression becomes of the highest importance. Because with all these outlets all these ways to find what you love and become who you are the first step is in having the confidence and motivation to freely express yourself and not holdback.Prisciliano 33rd By expressing my self on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram I've really discovered aspects of my self I was unaware of. Like I'm actually writing right now. I've never been a writer. In high school and college I hated having to write. But somewhere in the course of getting comfortable with expressing my views, with what I think is dope and righteous, this phenomenon has emerged. I've also become obsessed with meditation, photography, film and edit, even reading, as if the more I freely express myself they more aspects of my character emerge that I was never conscious of before. This experience has become so profound that I feel it's important to start putting it down on a public platform. I love all my friend and family on my private Facebook network but in the end most of them don't give a fuck. Which is cool, we all gotta live our lives. But I'm out here to click up with the likeminded world wide. All those who freely self express and don't look back.GTEVE BETTY PALS I still believe self reflection and correction are very important, but in the end its moving past the fear of what others think and to be yourself that is of the highest importance. This is how we evolve individually which when accumulated evolves all of humanity. We shouldn't worry about who we offend or who might judge us based on the way we think. Obviously calls for violence and hateful outlooks are problematic and I stand firm on expressing against such views but something like "I believe drugs should be legal," shouldn't be a view you have to hold in private for fear you may be criticized by your peers. Actually controversial views like these are what need to be expressed on public forums and social networks more often. We no longer hold conversations in public because we're so hypnotized by our phones and tablets, so at the very least we should start having them on social media. We need to express our views to opposing minds even if that's friends and family, so we can see where others are coming from and from there minimize confusion, address issues & contradictions, and allow solutions to manifest. And we're all creatives at heart, we were created by two people to create some more. Creation is the fractal like nature of the cosmos the continues to ascend into infinitude. And if your not learning to freely express yourself you'll never be able to harness and manifest your highest dimensions of creative ability.  As you look at this now, recognize that you are staring at light. Everything on this screen that you put on here or anyone else puts on here is light. Essentially we've entered an era in which the majority of us are literally light workers, conscious of it or not. Every post you make, every photo you take, every creation that can be interacted with on a screen is a network of light produced and animated by a human being. Light is infinite, quantum theory says a single photon of light theoretically exists everywhere in the universe at the same time. Which says to me that when you freely express yourself on the internet, which essentially broadcasts itself in light, that expression has the potential to reach the entire Universe. So express yourself, never hold back, understand it's something you get better at with practice and shed your LIGHT on the whole world!CREW BOMBING 3 I AM DEATH BURKA, I AM TRUTH, AND UNLESS THAT’S WHAT YOUR ABOUT…I REALLY COULDN’T GIVE ANY LESS OF A FUCK!




We had the opportunity to do an interview for a French webzine called THE CHEMISTRY MAGAZINE… Check out the full interview here >>> FRENEMY CHEMISTRY MAGAZINE INTERVIEW (be sure to click "English Version" if you don't know French)CHEMISTRY MAG PHOTO


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The Stndrd magazine featured our "Fuck Racism" beanie on Keith Powers in their latest issue check it out!keith Powers for The StndrdFUCK RACISM BEANIE BLACK