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¡UR NOT IN FASHION x ROLLING STONE! Posted on 16 Feb 21:34

Let's all say it together, 'UR NOT IN FASHION!' Let that be your mantra over the next year cause it's the shit to know. UNIF clothing is coming hard again with another season. Though we are in on what's up next, unfortunately we can't let you know yet!!! [caption id="attachment_136" align="aligncenter" width="432"] UNIF x Rolling Stone x BIEBER x TERRY RICHARDS[/caption] But what we will show you is the cover of Rolling Stone Justin Bieber just shot wearing UNIF. Rocking their hand made leather jacket each studded by hand as well, including this exclusive for Mr. Bieber. The creators behind UNIF are bringing it harder than ever in the fashion world. Word on the street is buyers were taking numbers to try get an appointment at Project this week, and believe me with what they're bringing this upcoming season I'm not surprised at all! If you want any chance of getting the heads up on where and when you'll be able to cop any of their future drops, better keep us #1 on your bookmark bar for daily check ups!!! CONGRATS UNIF, you fucking deserve it!!! Not impressed with Bieber, checkout WEEEEEEZY!!! First shot of him in the UNIF skins is @ 0:50, FIRE FLAME!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoWsL3vXSLw