Om Mani Mantra Beanie

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Welcome to the 33rd division... This is the Frenemy Om Mani Mantra beanie. OM MANI PAMDE HUMóOM MANI PADME HUMóOM MANI PADME HUMó Don't know what it means? That's the whole point of a mantra. A mantra is a combination of words you repeat over and over in meditation to try to achieve the absence of thought and access those higher states of consciousness. Why would you want to do that? Well if you're creative, athletic, problem solving, self reflective or just in need of getting into a relaxed space, higher states of consciousness is where it's at. It's where all the answers comes to you, it's where you're highest creative visions will blast into the front of your mind, it's where the solution to the most complicated problem exists, it's where that which hasn't been discovered yet will be found. But to get there requires letting go of all those thoughts that ground you to the physical world. That's where the mantra comes into play and not knowing the meaning allows you to not attach anything to it. If you repeated chair, chair, chair you might only be able to think of a chair which denies you access to the higher realms. But when you repeat something in your mind that has no meaning to you, there's nothing there for thoughts to attach to and "the logos" comes rushing through. The imagination is quite an amazing thing, something we take for granted but also something that the newest sciences are really trying to understand. There seems to be nothing without the imagination. This beanie was first seen in the imagination and then brought back out to the physical world for all you to rep. When you meditate it's all about accessing the depths of mind, the imagination. The best ideas aren't thought of, talk to any creative and they'll tell you they just come. It's not when they're trying to think about it. Usually those insights those "aha!" moments are in the absent of thought. So this is why you'd use a mantra. There's a limitless amount of mantras but this one in particular is consider the mantra of compassion. Compassion is what we're all about especially as weed smokers. Plus how cool does script look!? So don't worry about what it means. The point of a good mantra is to not know what it means so you get lost in the repetition until all the sudden you realize your deep inside the infinite depth of the imagination. High quality embroidery. Custom created in the USA.